Meet the Artist


Get to know me

Chunky, funky silver jewelry has excited me through every stage of my vibrant, varied life

 My teen years in San Francisco were defined by

witchy Earth-magic explorations

radical political activism

and rebellious dissent from mainstream culture

With friends, I formed a feminist punk band called the Yeastie Girlz in the late 80s. We performed witty, take-no-prisoners lyrics that empowered women to resist cultural burdens of inequality and body shaming 

I became a mother and a stripper while studying photojournalism in my 20s

and photographed my life in the sex industry and on the margins of society before starting my own photography and massage therapy businesses in later years

Throughout it all, I have been entranced by the sparkling allure of silver jewelry

This love affair has deep roots in my experience as a

lifelong witchy woman


and artist

It was inevitable that I eventually found my way to the craft of silversmithing 

As a maker

I pour all the energy of my experience into every UnMuted silver and gem manifestation

Every spell

every lyric

every photograph

every memory

imbues my silver creations

I choose stones that invoke talismanic mystery

I proclaim my rebellious spirit with words cathartically pounded into silver

so that you too can express your radical vitality in everyday life  

I am delighted to share my creations with those drawn to their fizzing energy

I want you to feel empowered by my creations

And more than that

I want you to feel spectacular