Out Loud Earrings

Unmute yourself with these Out Loud earrings - 

It is so therapeutic to hammer the shit out of these forgiving rings of silver, to flatten and pound angry (or uplifting, depending on the day!) words into them.

Every piece is uniquely hammer-marked, forged out of an inspired moment of catharsis and dissent. Pounding letters into metal is delightfully unpredictable, so when you order an Out Loud earring, you know yours is unlike any others. Handmade jewellery is EVERYTHING

Wear it to remind yourself. Wear it to remind others. Wear it because you are Out Loud

Uniquely combine messages for right and left ears to express what is exceptionally you!

Also available: pendants and statement rings

Custom Design
Have a custom message in mind for some earrings? Contact me and let's make it!

I am very sorry - at this time, I am not able to ship items to the EU (thank you Brexit).
 All other countries please read my shipping policies before purchasing

Your earrings will arrive cocooned in a velvet pouch within a protective metal container. Most of my packaging can be recycled or repurposed. Also included: a polishing cloth embedded with anti-tarnishing agents. Keep this in its protective wrapper and use it to enliven the silver

Gift Option
If you would like me to send this directly to someone as a gift, I am happy to include a hand-written message of your choice. Please message me when ordering

Taking care of your earrings
When you aren't wearing your Out Loud earrings, keep them stored in the cloth pouch. Shine them up with the special polishing cloth if they get tarnished or dull

More Information
Pay a visit to my FAQ page for answers to all of your questions


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